Don't Leave your Business Exposed - Project Plan

VAT Implementation Project plans

The implementation of a new VAT system places a significant burden on businesses, and a structured approach to managing the impact on your business is essential if a business is to ensure that all the relevant aspects of the new system have been considered properly.

We can assist you with developing a wing to wing project plan to guide your business, staff and various functions on how to manage the impact of VAT. This will cover:

  • Advice on resources required for the project
  • Conduct GST awareness training among internal stakeholders across the business
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Accounting and system needs
  • General ledger configuration
  • Document management production and storage
  • Reporting
  • Propose a communication programmed with customers and suppliers
  • Pricing strategies and Contractual changes
  • Registration & compliance
  • Submission of returns and payment processes
  • Communication with the tax authority to clarify on contentious issues.
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